Landing Japan
provides the services

you need for your market
entry into Japan

To assist those from overseas who want to make their first market entry into Japan. Or to support those who have already entered the Japanese market and are ready to connect and grow by utilising our extensive experience and network.


Landing Japan
provides the services

you need for your market
entry into Japan

You may have already thought about entering into the Japanese market. Or perhaps you are currently thinking about possibility of entering the Japanese market.

Your interest would be almost certainly worth exploring further. However, sometimes the Japanese market can be challenging and there are a number of difficulties to be overcome such as language, business cultures, legislative procedure — we can help!

Our mission is to encourage you and provide appropriate guidance. With considerable experience of the mechanisms of Japan industry, commerce and overseas business, we can give you a smoother entry to the market. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

When you start your preparation work for business in Japan, you will notice that you have to go through various legal processes. For that you might need to have advice from lawyers, accountant, tax experts, etc. and you may wonder if you are doing right things. Sometimes it is a very frustrating process. We want to help you with that!

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Customer benefits of using our services.

1.Business development and marketing

Initial contact and market research
We can undertake marketing or business development locally on your behalf and also establish and manage export/import connectivity between Japan and your country. Starting flexibly with 6 months to 12 months initial marketing work with recommendations and progress reports. throughout the period.
Local representation
We can help you recruit and identify personnel for early stage local employee roles in Japan. Whilst this process is taking place we can initiate and manage local business on your behalf, including acting as a conduit to your new customers and continuing to extend your outreach into the Japanese market

2.Consultancy services to cope with any issues in Japan.

We can tell you what kind of legal advice you should seek from lawyers.
We can advise what kind of accounting process you need to prepare.
Tax filing
We can advise what you need for your tax filing.
Bank account
We can advise how to open your bank account.
Labor laws
We can advise what you need to meet labor law requirement.
We can advise you about recruiting in Japan.
Office location
We can help you find office space.
We can help you on translation & interpretation services.

Background & Achievement

Representative Director Masataka Yamakawa
Representative Director
Masataka Yamakawa

Management Background
Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
20 years of business experiences

  • Export - Engaged in the export of telecommunication cables and power cables securing numerous high value deals with overseas telephone and electric companies.
  • Infrastructure Projects - Beyond simple export of cables, contracted various infrastructure project agreements (hardware + construction with multi-million dollar project finance). Including, various multi-countries fiber optic submarine cable system projects as well as high voltage cable network installations.
  • Project Management – Managed projects utilizing project offices overseas. Operated global Joint Venture or Consortium, etc.
  • ODA - Engaged in Official Development Assistance projects, such as Japanese Governmental Grants, Yen Credit, World Bank funded projects in the telecommunication and power distribution areas.
  • Photovoltaic - Solar power project management in Japan and internationally, including identification and acquisition of an overseas system integrator.
  • Fuel Cell - Evaluation and introduction of overseas fuel cell and hydrogen related companies (including, but not exclusively, from US, Canada, UK, EU) to Japanese industrial majors in the power, gas, engineering and automotive sectors.
  • Renewables – Together with Solar Power and Fuel Cell technologies, engaged in various related technologies such as hydrogen (production, supply and storage), power electronics, electricity storage and materials development.

Landing Japan

Company Achievement
10 years of experience with foreign companies entering and operating in the Japanese market

Intelligent Energy
Incorporation of Japanese entity and whole management on daily/monthly bases for 9 years
Achieved multi million commercial deals and license and JV agreement between Japan and UK
UK company
Strategic business development services to targeting Japanese companies
Promotion of business between Japan and UK
EU company
Setting up local incorporation or branch office
Japanese company
Business development and recruiting
Project management
Chinese company
Setting up local incorporation or branch office
Business consultancy assessing Japanese industry opportunities
Local Government or Government Agency
Business matching
Business advisory
College and University
Research, Study, and Development

Company Profile

Landing Japan Office
CompanyLanding Japan Corporation
Incorporated inApril 2010
AddressK813 Knowledge Capital 8F, Grand Front Osaka 3-1 Ofuka-cho Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011, Japan
TEL+81 (0)6 6136 6174

Our Business Flow


Fact finding meeting

We would like to hear your story and find what you need.


Service story

We can explain what services we can provide.


Help you start business

It takes some time and involves a number of key process to start a business but we will help to make it easier.


Folllow up

We will follow up further or key issues after your business has started to operate.


Stay in business

You need to stay in the market and continue to grow. We offer ongoing connectivity.


Q.First step?
A.Let's spend couple of hours to hear your business story.
Q.Second step?
A.We can arrange a half a day session so we can find what is needed for you to start your Japanese business.
Q.One time or continuous?
A.We can decide if you only need to have start up help or you would also like to have regular support.
Q.Any fee for first meeting?
A.Dependent on the complexity of your business - but we can start with a 30 to 60 minutes fact finding meeting. We will tell you when we have to charge you for our services.
Q.Fee menu?
A.Through further, more detailed discussion, we will make a clear quotation for our services.